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Star Wars Darth Samurai Unisex T-shirt

Star Wars Darth Samurai Unisex T-shirt

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Darth Vader is always a fun character to experiment with artistically. This samurai inspired design is particularly fun, especially since Lucas originally cited being influenced by Akira Kurosawa films when he wrote the original screenplay for Star Wars a New Hope in the 1970s. This Vader uses two lightsabers and though the iconic suit and helmet are part of this design, there are plenty of traditional samurai elements to give it a unique yet cartoonish and playful design. 

This is a great design printed on a Gildan 100% cotton t-shirt.and printed in the USA! 

Be sure to turn the t-shirt inside out when laundering so the artwork lasts! Wash all cotton tees in cold water and always tumble dry low or hang to dry to prevent shrinkage. 

Licensed by TTSF.

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