TL;DR- Awesome Apparel made by Awesome People, for Awesome People. (That's you, ya' know).

It all began as an idea. Looking through my shirt collection to find what I was going to wear the next day. What design would strike the most conversations while I was out and about, running errands for my family

I knew there were others that had the same thought process while picking out an outfit for the day. And if not the exact same, at least similar. Comparing what company I'd be surrounded with, or what could spark or create inside jokes just by wearing a t-shirt.

Frequenting comic book cons and being an avid PC gamer it was my mission..

To obtain a wearable collectors item that would bring back countless memories. It made me realize something. There is a whole community of people out there, just like me. We all share the love for collectors items, memories associated with great times, and awesome t-shirts.


That is where the circuitry made its connection and sparked the creation of this online store.


NerdyTech Pros.- Weird name, sweet shirts. 


The place where you can find that wearable collectible, that random toy or gadget, or gift for a friend. Where lasting memories can be created and cherished. And for us to be a part of that.. Makes all of this worth everything. 


That's why we're here.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your memories. Its just plain awesome.

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