Indoctrinating the younger generation into your fandoms?


That's how it should be!

How else are we to pass on this golden knowledge without pushing it onto our kids? 

Lets start off with some sweet geeky apparel. Once they're wearing it, dive into all the ins and outs of your favorite characters and theories.

Ah, yes. Sweet memories will be made.

Infant/Kids/Youth Geek Wear (6)

I’m hungry -Organic Contrast Short Sleeve Baby onesie


Tiny Teenager-Toddler Premium T-Shirt


Mama is my homegirl - onesie-Organic Long Sleeve Baby Bodysuit.


I’m Hungry-Kids' Premium T-Shirt


Tiny Teenager-Organic Short Sleeve Baby Bodysuit


Tiny Teenager-Kids' Crewneck Sweatshirt

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